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SmartMetals Mounting Solutions is
‚Äčpart of the Vogel's Group.

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SmartMetals Mounting Solutions B.V. (SmartMetals) originated from Sky-Lite Holland B.V.
Sky-Lite Holland started in 1989 with the rental of light and sound equipment. They soon got demand for packaging solutions for AV equipment. Sky-Lite Holland has responded by starting production of flight cases under the brand name Technocase.

The TechnoCase flight cases were a great success. The demand for high-quality packaging materials increased so fast that Sky-Lite Holland decided to stop the rental of AV equipment to focus entirely on the production of the TechnoCase flight cases.

Over the years distributors, installation and rental companies developed a great need for high quality mounting solutions for projectors and flat screens. Sky-Lite Holland decided to meet their needs and in 2004 started the development of a line of audiovisual mounting solutions under the brand SmartMetals®.

To continue the success and growth from past years, Sky-Lite decided in 2011 that it was better for both organisations to continue their business as two separate companies: Sky-Lite Holland B.V. with the focus on flightcases and SmartMetals Mounting Solutions B.V. for the mounting solutions for projectors and flatscreens.