Fixed installation


SmartMetals Mounting Solutions is
​part of the Vogel's Group.

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Project request

Quotation trajectory

The client draws up a program of requirements (PoR), based upon which SmartMetals gives an indication of the costs and the delivery time. Of course, our advisers will think along with you already from this phase on.


Design process

After approval of the quotation, our engineers make a design drawing based on the PoR. These drawings must be approved in writing by the client in order to start production.
Deviations in dimensions, numbers, material or finish can affect the price, but will of course be discussed with you in advance.


Different production phases

The production process has different phases.
First of all, the design drawing is converted into a production drawing. Once this has been completed, the actual production can begin.
Processing flat steel or profiles into an end product by means of the necessary techniques such as laser cutting, setting, welding, etc.
After the steel processing, the product is finished with the desired surface treatment.
And finally everything is assembled, tested and assessed for the correct quality.

Time schedule

Lead time special trajectory

The duration of a special can be divided into a number of phases. The time required per phase depends on the complexity of the enquiry.
As a general rule, we can adhere to the timeframe below, but some things can be so complex that they cannot be captured in the setup below.


Presentation drawing Production drawing Steel production Powdercoating Control and assembly
Lead time 1 to 2 weeks after order Within 1 to 2 weeks after approval of the presentation drawing Approx. 3 weeks Lead time 1 week Lead time approx. 1 week