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SmartMetals Mounting Solutions is
​part of the Vogel's Group.

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Just because you don't find it, doesn't mean we don't have it

We have all sorts of smart mounting solutions, ranging from standard to customised to completely custom-made ones.
Not every project benefits from our standard solutions, nor does every customer settle for standard.
When you are involved in a project where demands go beyond what our standard products have to offer, please contact us:
We hear what you ask, listen to what you need and supply you with a solution that represents just that.




We have a vast product range as presented on this website:
all standard mounting solutions for your flatscreens, projectors, whiteboards and camera's, usually are available from stock or within a few days after order.
  When you require a slight deviation of our standard product, like for example an other colour or an other length, we happily customise our standard product to meet your wishes.   Although you have taken inspiration from our standard product range, you want something totally different.
It is our pleasure to develop a custom-made product for you to accommodate your needs perfectly.


Whether you need advice on a product, need technical support or want to schedule an appointment with one of our account managers, please feel free to contact the SmartMetals Team for all your questions.
For the answers to common general questions, you can also take a look at our FAQ page.