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EOL | VideoWall - Wall bracket

This L bracket is required to mount the aluminium VideoWall profiles to the wall. Both the horizontal as the vertical plane are featured with a slotted hole of 10 mm. With these holes unevenness in the wall can be corrected for creating a perfect flat mounting surface for your VideoWall; adjustment in depth as well as in height. Due to its design and strength we have been able to keep the number of wall brackets (and automatically holes requiring to be drilled in the wall) to a minimum. As standard, at a sufficiently solid wall, we employ the number of displays plus one, for the number of required L-brackets.

Dit product is "End-of-Life" en wordt niet meer geproduceerd.
​Het kan geleverd worden zolang de voorraad strekt. 


This product is "End of Life" and will no longer be produced.
It can be supplied as long as stock lasts. 



Weight 0.08 kg
Colour Black
Maximum load 50 kg
Inch range 46 - 60 inch
Height adjustment Manual


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