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L4, WHITE 9010, 59 - 93 cm, excl. bracket

The 002.20xx series allows the option to choose for a projector specific bracket, this bracket is custom-made for your type and brand of projector. With the design, SmartMetals also takes into account the position of the lens and the projector's centre of gravity. A lot of time and money can be saved while using projector specific brackets at large installations with the same projector. All models, apart from the shortest, can be continuously adjusted in length and include a drop-down protection, ensuring that the inner and outer tube will not part. All universal tube sets include a ball joint that can be adjusted without tools. The universal bracket and your projector can be attached to the ball joint and can be positioned to any direction. The cable duct is easily accessible from the outside and the slotted holes in the ceiling plate make ceiling mounting straightforward.


Minimum length 590 mm
Maximum length 930 mm
Weight 2.65 kg
Colour White
Maximum load 25 kg
Height adjustment Manual
Bracket/interface Excluded
Type bracket/interface Projector specific
Tilt function +20° till -20°
Rotation 360°
Cable duct 20 mm Ø


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