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Mounting kit incl. white boards of enamel steel for touch screen 55-70 inch, max. 1750mm x 1050mm (LxH)

SmartMetals uses whiteboards of enamel steel on both sides enclosed by an aluminium frame. These whiteboards are custom-made for your touch display or whiteboard model. Compared to lacquered steel, enamel steel offers no usage stains of the markers on the whiteboard and we can offer 25 years warranty on the surface of an enamel steel whiteboard. This mounting kit creates a fixed or an in height adjustable solution for optimal use of your presentation tool.

The whiteboards and mounting kits are custom made to perfectly fit your (touch) monitor. Please specify upon order what brand and type (touch) monitor you are using. If the VESA mounting of your monitor is not centered from the middle or your monitor is fitted with a fixed pentray, it may be necessary to adjust the frame. This can have consequences for the costs; of course you may contact us in advance to avoid surprises afterwards.


Minimum length 580 - 1050 mm (height)
Maximum length 1170 - 1750 mm (length)
Colour White, Black
Screen position Landscape
Inch range approximately 70 inch
Bracket/interface Included
Type bracket/interface Scherm specifiek
Other information

VESA pattern of display should be positioned in the middle of the display, horizontally as well as vertically.


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